SURVIVAL | Episode Five | 3.17.13 | Resource: Bishop Tim Chatman

5_Survival_Tim Chatman400 years later, and the Jewish Kingdom has fallen. Under the leadership of the lowly King Zedekiah, who has refused to listen to the warnings of the prophet Jeremiah, the city of Jerusalem is taken by the ruthless and powerful leader of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews lose their city and are led on a forced exile back to Babylon where they are enslaved. Here their faith is tested when they are forced to worship an enormous statue of the Babylonian king – to them an act of idolatry. And when Daniel’s three friends refuse to bow down they are thrown into the fire, but are saved by the Angel of the Lord. Nebuchadnezzar at first comes to faith, but his arrogance later leads to a time of insanity, leaving the empire vulnerable to defeat by the great Cyrus of Persia. But Cyrus will again test the Jews’ faith by ordering them not to worship God for a whole month. Nobleman and Jewish leader Daniel, a man of tenable faith, cannot abide, and when he is thrown into the lions’ den as punishment he has nothing but his belief to save him. But his faith endures, and God spares him. Cyrus, now understanding the power of Daniel’s God, allows the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. They have survived the Babylonian exile, and learned the importance of keeping God in their hearts.

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13 thoughts on “SURVIVAL | Episode Five | 3.17.13 | Resource: Bishop Tim Chatman

  1. Bishop I am enlightened by your Godly insight and how you have obviously allowed Him to grant you the wisdom needed to impart such a simple but strong piece.

    May God continue to use you beyond your natural abilities.

    Peace and Increase to you and yours Bishop!

  2. We are so delighted to have Mt. Moriah Bishop A. Tim Chatman , such an awesome man of God to have delivered this message. A powerful word of God. Very Powerful. Please continue to let God use you and your family for the greater of his kingdom.

  3. All who hear will be saturated with the annointing of the WORD God pours out of the mouth this “HIS” chosen and annointed vessel Bishop A. Tim Chatman. To God Be The Glory For The Message And The Messager!

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